Imagine how easy it would be to achieve the body you’ve always wanted or stick to that resolution of clean eating if you could have your very own personal Trainer & Nutrition expert with you wherever you go! Now you can with Your very own Portable Personal Trainer ! Your PPT lets you read, print or listen to your personalized program right on your mobil device. Its like having MT right by your side or in your ear guiding you through new exercises that will build, shrink or tighten the areas you want to improve. You will gain confidence & enjoy your workouts at the gym, in your home or while traveling! also featured invigorating cardio programs to fire up your metobolic fat burning engine! If you’re looking for visual motivation and inspiration has video downloads to ensure you are using proper form when executing your new innovative and effective program. Challenge your body and mind. It ‘s time to reach a whole new level of success! As MT’s portable personal client you receive nutrition support as well with easy to follow lists of Fitlicious approved products & foods to buy and why. Let MT guide you through the grocery store and get the inside scoop on where to eat and what I order when dining out to ensure youre making the healthies choices. You are a simple click away from getting totally Fitlicious… That’s Deliciously Fit!

The PPT program is a great addition to Melissa’s training program. It forces you to be accountable to your training by having to log your training, and it makes you not want to miss a session!

Her new PPT program – Don’t think that just because you are doing the exercises on your own, that you’re not getting the full “Melissa” love – these programs hurt just as much and make you sweat just as hard!