These are a brilliant way to satisfy your sweet tooth & enjoy the health benefits of Coconut Oil.


1 Cup Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil.

4-5 Scoops Fitlicious Chocolate Royal Flavour Blaster

Prep Talk:

Simply add the two ingredients together in a small glass or ceramic bowl and stir with spatula until smooth.

Cover and place in Fridge until firm. Cut into 1″ chunks. Enjoy!

Coconut Oil promotes weight loss: Studies have shown that when coco oil has been part of one’s diet, white fat stores have been reduced. Due to the medium chain (MCTs) being so well absorbed and used an energy source, their burning actually increases metabolic rate. A diet high in MCTs showed in a study over a 6-day period to increase thermogenesis by 50% – that’s huge, talk about fat burning potential just by adding 1-2 tsp serving of these Chocolate Chunks to your day!