I was always tired, in a bad mood and hungry!!! I worked out 8 times a week. I had no energy or passion for what I was doing, in the gym, on my runs or at work. I started skipping workouts, opting to sleep instead. I made excuses for my mood swings, poor nutrition and lack of energy. I blamed everything and everyone around me for how I felt. I didn’t want to admit, it was my lifestyle I just thought I needed a change. I so desperately wanted to enjoy life and my body again, I just didn’t know how.

My name is Becky; I am a fitness instructor and an avid runner. I have also been working regularly with strength coaches for the last 3yrs. I have been active all my life. I have never been over weight, and for the most part I’ve always look fit and healthy.

My story may shock many of you…How can someone so active feel so awful?!

It’s been 2.5 months since I started working with Melissa. I noticed major changes within the first two weeks of training with her. She gave me the tools I needed to create a better version of my self. The nutrition and supplement support has changed my life. I feel good in my skin: I’m not bloated, hungry, moody or uncomfortable any more. I have more energy then I ever have had, and I look forward to all my workouts. I love the challenge she brings to my training sessions. I feel empowered, strong and indestructible. My body also looks and feels stronger and I can’t wait to gain even more shape and tone.

But… The gains don’t stop there. Although, I only signed up for the nutrition, training workouts and advice, they aren’t the only tools I have received from Melissa. Her positive “Failure is not an option” attitude has changed my perspective on life! She lives and breathes her positive mantras, her lifestyle, nutrition and “tough (almost deadly) love” workouts. She is an example to, not just her clients, but to everyone, that if you believe it, it can and will be achieved. She is an inspiration to all.

Becky, Group Fitness Instructor