When it comes to nutritional transformation, the main idea of taking baby steps is that you slowly replace the unhealthy foods that you are currently eating with better foods. The change will be so small each week that you will not even notice it. All you will notice are the ripped abs and bigger biceps that suddenly came out of hiding!

Follow these baby steps to get you started:

Drink skim milk. If you are drinking whole milk right now, immediately move down to 2% milk. Your body and taste buds will adapt. After a few weeks of 2% milk, switch to 1%. Wait until you are used to it, then change to skim milk. Skim milk has all the same protein and vitamins as whole milk, but without the fat. Or opt to go dairy free and try unsweetened almond milk. This little change in your diet can make a huge difference in your body in just a few months.

Cut the refined sugar. With stevia, Xylitol, and all the natural sugar substitutes that taste great and are proven to be safe, you can still satisfy your sweet tooth without weight gain.

Cutting out all fast food would be ideal, but usually not practical on a quick lunch or dinner. There are healthier selections on the menu at most places. As long as you completely avoid pizza and burgers, you are on the right track.

After a year of slowly reducing and cutting out the junk foods and replacing them with healthier ones, your diet will have made a 180 degree change… and you will not even have noticed it!