Thank you so much for an incredible Failure Is Not An Option presentation to kickoff the year. One hundred and thirty goal driven and inspired individuals were pushed to think about what is possible this year if barriers are eroded and/or circumvented. You did an incredible job captivating the audience with your personal, relatable and very genuine approach. Your message was so clear and so well articulated; I caught so many obvious lightbulb moments as I scanned faces in the crowd throughout your presentation. Thank you for your energy, enthusiasm and for grounding so many people in their own hopes and dreams. You are truly inspirational.

It’s all your fault that I made myself climb 100 floors in 15 minutes on the stair mill yesterday!! I will get my workout in every day no matter what… Even if I only have 15 minutes. FINAO

Eirinn Boots
Sr. Personal Training Regional Manager Personal Training Services