As a Purica Athlete Ambassador, committed to providing you with healthy eating and training tips. Here are my thoughts on how you can use journaling to improve your nutrition and fitness:

The truth behind gaining or losing the last five to 10 pounds is found in your nutritional habits. It’s also true that up to 80% of your fitness results are achieved by what you are fueling your body with. So let’s do the write thing!

Start by writing down what, when and how much you put in your mouth. Do it in a small journal or use your hand held device to electronically record everything that you eat.

Carry your journal with you and record your food and beverage intake in the moment to ensure accuracy. If you truly want to optimize your fitness results, you must have an honest, non-judgmental snap shot of what you are eating. This process can be a huge eye opener, but remember: knowledge is power in gaining control of your physique.

You may discover when reviewing your journal that you’re not eating enough nutrients to support your activity level. Perhaps this has put your system into survival mode, where it stores all the fat cells it has left and shifts to eating away at your lean muscle to supply you with energy. Your journal will enable you to see if your macronutrients are in balance to support your training and optimize your health.

If you’re not sure what to do to correct your eating patterns, you can take your journal findings to a qualified nutritionist or sport performance coach for guidance.

Original article posted on Purica Blog- “How to do “The Write Thing”