Melissa has provided personal training for me since March 2013. At that time I considered myself reasonably athletic, participating in a number of sports, but knew I needed to improve my general fitness level and body shape. Since starting with Melissa I’m extremely happy with the results. I’ve lost 25 pounds, 4 inches on my waistline and cut my body fat percentage in half. I’m also very happy with the gain in muscle mass. I’m 55 years old and haven’t felt younger in a number of years. My stress level has reduced significantly and my medical results are the best ever. People say I look ten years younger.

I really appreciate Melissa’s approach in my personal training. She pushes me hard, but at the same time ensures my technique is sound to maximize results and prevent any injuries. There is no way I would push myself as hard and do the things I do at the gym without Melissa. I had lower back problems for the last 25 years and my change in core strength has helped immensely. Melissa’s instruction and the exercises we focus on have resulted in strengthening the muscles in this area while preventing injury. Another focus area in our training is the mental approach during exercise. Her personal experience in this area is an excellent resource for me in improving on this front.

Melissa also provides excellent instruction on healthy eating. She is very knowledgeable in this area. My diet has changed 180 degrees compared to two years ago, due to Melissa’s suggested strategies, positive reinforcement and follow-up in this area. The diet change has contributed to the results in my health and fitness level. Even though Melissa pushes hard and does not let failure be an option, it is also very fun to work with Melissa. She has a great attitude and is extremely positive and a fun loving person.

In the year and half I’ve been training with Melissa my performance in the sports I love has improved and more importantly I have a lot more fun doing them. Recently I completed the 200 km Princess Margaret Ride to Conquer Cancer. Considering I wasn’t a serious rider in previous years, due to Melissa’s training I was extremely pleased how great I felt during and after that ride. Melissa and I have periodic reviews of progress and helps me in setting goals so I can continue to become the athlete I want to be.

I couldn’t imagine a better personal trainer and would highly recommend Melissa to anyone.

Peter Weibe