Are you trying to lose weight, but just can’t stop “cheating” on your diet?

If so, start doing the following five things today and your success will start today too!

My first two tips to help you not be a cheater are to rid the words cheat food, cheat meal and cheating from your nutrition and fitness vocabulary. By keeping them as reference words, you are pre planning to go off your healthy nutrition plan and abandon your hard earned healthy habits. The second tip is let the word diet, die. Instead use the term nutrition plan. The word diet starts with the word “DIE “ and rarely has a positive emotion or any excitement attached to it.

Ok, now that we have to using Fitlicious vocabulary, here are three additional tips to help improve your nutrition plan and build life long healthy habits!

1. When you’re feeling run down or having a junk food craving attack, don’t just think you are going to taste something. Many times I will be like, “I’ll just eat a tiny piece of that cookie”, and then I end up eating two to four cookies! When you “feel” like eating something, be sure it’s based on consciously being hungry, not because you’re tired or dehydrated. If you’re having a calorie dense food, be sure you have just one serving, not unmeasured amounts straight from the package.

2. Cut sugar from your diet. This of course does not mean all sugar, but extra sugar. For example pop and fruit juices, they don’t have any fat, but they are loaded with sugar. Guess where all that excess sugar is going to go?  Your muscles? Yeah right, it will be stored as fat. Instead of these drinks, go for some fruit infused spa water, herbal tea or a fresh greens shake if you need a more nutrient dense energy refuel.  Which brings me to my final tip:

3. Drink water! I know you have heard this a billion times. That’s because it is very important. A lot of times people mistake dehydration as hunger and eat access calories, which leads to weight and body fat gains. Water is also needed for your muscles to activate and recover from your workout sessions.