I was self confident about my body.
I was not comfortable naked. (yes I said naked)
I felt like I don’t belong at the gym, an outsider.

Baby steps.
I decided it was time to change my life, and contacted Melissa.

My first goal- to actually go to the gym.

Melissa took the time to help me reach my goal. She understood my self-confident issues. My insecurities. She didn’t judge me. She pushed me. I really needed to be pushed. I was stuck in accepting the truths about my body, my habits and what I thought were good eating habits. When she challenged me it was a bit uncomfortable, because it was not normal for me. She was a consistent positive reinforcement in my life.
Push-ups, something I couldn’t do on my own (maybe one or a ladies push-up). We worked hard, she helped me gain strength, and then one day we did push-ups, I was sure I won’t be able to do them on my own, it was hard. I got into position, one, two… 10!! I did 10 real pushups! I know it might sound a bit silly, but I teared up. It was an amazing feeling to accomplish something you didn’t believe you could do.

My second goal- to go the gym on my own.

Remember I felt like an outsider, and if I did go to the gym I’d do cardio. I wouldn’t dare use and of the weights. I would be mortified if I hurt myself, dropped something, didn’t look like I knew what I was doing. It’s such an awful feeling.

Melissa has completely changed that. Not only do I go to my regular gym with confidence, I also go to other gyms around the city when I’m not near mine. I’ve been to 5 different gyms and completed my workouts on my own. I feel like I belong. She has taught me about the proper form, reps, weight, and how to workout without injuring myself. I’ve got it down! She not only pushes me to succeed she empowers me to do the work on my own.

Now I’m not perfect and love cheese and popcorn, and beer. Yes all of them. I’ve slipped up, and when I do… she gently reminds me what my goals are and keeps me on track. I live a balanced life not a restricted life.

My third goal- change my lifestyle and tighten up my body.

Meal planning- seriously! You have more energy, you don’t eat garbage, you are aware of your choices. If you take the time it becomes easier and easier. Melissa teaches you how to plan your meals to meet your goals and holds you accountable to them.
Melissa is persistent, positive, focused and won’t put up with excuses! It’s easy to resist change, and make excuses. Melissa can see through it all, she changes your perspective, challenges your thinking, expands your comfort zone and changes your body. I no longer make excuses why I can’t do it, I focus on how I can work with my current environment and want to move forward. I am in the best shape of my life, I feel confident, empowered and enjoy working out. Thank you MT, for changing my life.

Kristie Vinet