Melissa gave me the body I’ve always wanted and then some.

My name is David, I have weight trained for years and been generally active my entire adult life. Every year I run Tough Mudder and Spartan Beasts and play Water Polo year-round but no matter how hard I tried, or how many fitness/training articles I read my body just never looked and felt good enough. My fitness goals were to have a lean yet muscular body and because I play Water Polo having great endurance and explosive strength were musts.

On my first day training with Melissa she asked me about my fitness and nutrition goals.

She looked at my body and said, “okay here’s what we are going to do.”

She rejigged my supplements, tweaked my daily eating schedule and set me down a path of becoming a true athlete. Part of the journey was teaching me to look at myself as an athlete and not just someone who works out at the gym. That mental shift was a huge game changer for me, it gave me the focus and determination to stay on track with my nutritional plan and more importantly survive many MT workouts.

Melissa has a unique training style that shows incredible results very quickly. She took a scientific approach by assessing my weaker spots and tailoring exercise routines to build those spots out while focusing on form and technique. She knows how to build out muscles in just the right way to give you that lean, super fit, optimized functional body.

After only two months of training with Melissa Tucker, I finally have the lean athletic body I’ve always wanted. I constantly get compliments on how amazing my body looks, which is rewarding but more importantly, Melissa helped unleash my drive to train harder and set new goals.

David Forgione