Stop and read this only if you are only interest in learning about a trainer who is competent, motivating, energetic, ambitious, knowledgeable and innovative.

I started training with Melissa in 2005. Prior to this, I had several (an understatement) trainers… some good and some not so good! I was working with a trainer who, at the time, I thought was the trainer for me. While working out with this trainer, I noticed Melissa training her clients and was intrigued. I decided to do a “trial” training session with Melissa. In one session, she made me feel as thought I had never worked out a day before in my life! I thought to myself, “This girl is insane!! EXACTLY what I need! In the summer of 2005, I left my then-trainer and started training with Melissa. Under Melissa’s guidance, I managed to rehab a knee injury that had troubled me for 7 years. I can now safely push more weight than I ever could before. I’ve created new habits and an approach to fitness that will last me a lifetime. I also had a goal to lose enough weight to fit into a particular dress by a certain date, and without knowing it, lost more weight than I needed to by strictly following her program (bonus!). In my opinion, what separates Melissa from the rest are the following:

  • Her programs are NOT cookie cutter – she does not take a one size fits all approach to training. What works for one person does not necessarily work for another. She truly customizes your workouts (not just tweaks standard ones), and builds workouts and nutrition plans based on your needs, and where you’re at today and where you want to be tomorrow
  • Her ability and desire to teach you how to help yourself – she’s not interested in you being dependant on her. She’s interested in motivating you to be dependent on yourself.
  • Her selfless interest in making sure that you get what you need to succeed – she’s more than just a “personal trainer” – she’s also a life coach to me.
  • Her ability to push you – she believes in you and will push you beyond where you think your limits are – creating a new limit.
  • Her new PPT program – Don’t think that just because you are doing the exercises on your own, that you’re not getting the full “Melissa” love – these programs hurt just as much and make you sweat just as hard! – The PPT program is a great addition to Melissa’s training program. It forces you to be accountable to your training by having to log your training, and it makes you not want to miss a session!
  • Value for money – she’s aware that you’ve paid your hard earned money to learn from her – and she’s prepared to give you value for every cent you’ve paid.

I’ve been with Melissa for 8 years now, and keep going back to her, not because I haven’t learned how to do it myself, but because SHE keeps learning more and more, and with her programs (training and nutrition) evolving, I like to be the recipient of her ongoing desire to keep educating herself and to keep current (e.g. her PPT programs)! I can honestly and without reservation say that Melissa is one of the BEST at what she does. And I will happily keep coming back for some of that Tucker love!