Hi Melissa!

Wow, thanks so much for coming in to St Mary’s High!  I was totally blown away and impressed at your ease in the classroom, how well-prepared you were and how you challenged them to leave their comfort zone.  With your positive and energetic personality, you allowed all the students to achieve success yesterday using simple methods like push-ups and goal setting.

The students loved all the give-a-ways and didn’t even complain that they had to work for them!  I held a feedback session and the results are as follows: they loved your enthusiasm, positive outlook, knowledge of diet, your willingness to get ‘down and dirty’ to demonstrate movements, and most of all, the classes unanimously agreed that I should try to bring you back every year to inspire other students!  Also, the Principal told me later that he very much enjoyed speaking with you.  Melissa, that’s an excellent score for someone speaking to secondary students for the first time ever!

-Frank V

(St Mary’s High School Teacher)


Frank V