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Fitlicious Fitness Training - Custom Online Fitness Program

The Fitlicious Fitness Training Option is a portable personal  personalized  training program designed for your personal fitness goals plus access to hundreds of alternative workouts. All memberships include new custom workouts each month with full cardio conditioning and stretch routines and weekly online support checkins.

Custom 8 week Workout Routine with 3 months Premium App Membership for just $99!

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12-Week Holistic Nutrition Program & Coaching

This program includes your initial Consultation, Holistic Nutrition assessment and personalized meal plan designed specifically to help you achieve your nutritional goals, a personalized supplement and vitamin list with schedule, and online coaching to make personalized diet modifications to maximize your long term success. 

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One on One Fitness | Nutrition | Motivational Coaching

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Are you looking for a Fitness and Nutrition expert to inspire, motivate and educate you on how to optimize the way way you look, feel and perform? I’m your girl!

My name is Melissa Tucker and I’m the founder of Fitlicious inc.  I’m an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, pro figure athlete, fitness trainer, holistic nutrition coach, foodie, brand ambassador and blogger.

Since 2000, I’ve happily coached thousands of men and women of all ages unleash their athlete within.

“My goal is to transfer the enthusiasm and passion I have for fitness to you so you will seek exercise not avoid it. I want to bring you inside my athlete mind so that you can discover and better understand yours.”

 Your health is the most important thing that you possess. Unleashing your athlete within is as much about mindset as it is about physical exercise. Let me help you build a system of belief in yourself. Make a vow to succeed.