Thank you very much for your inspiring presentation today! I have always heard about how great of a PT and business woman you were from several people in the company and today I fully understand why.

I mentioned today my hesitation to cross into the world of social media. To be honest it wasn’t only about the structural obstacle of not being proficient with computers. I have also allowed myself to let negative thinking turn me into a “PT Snob” who told myself that I don’t want to be associated with all the PT’s online that do not take this business seriously and are flash in the pants professionals with slick online marketing. While this may be true for some it definitely not true for all.

Today when you explained how the positive seed you plant in people, (whether via post, pic, article, or inspiring word), gains momentum and comes back to you, it stirred me to the bone. You see I entered into this fitness business with the sole focus of helping people. I knew by focusing on this goal and obtaining it I would also take care of all my needs in the process. That has lead me from being a PT who has expanded his business to include group and team training options, become an FM so I can help develop more fitness pros who will help more people, and most recently becoming an instructor for both GLPTI and Darby Training Systems to help inspire and educate future PT’s. Every step has been to help more people live a healthy lifestyle. So how could I let fear and arrogance stand in the way of making the simple and effective step of starting social media? Today that will change.

From your presentation today I have put concrete steps into place on how I will move forward into this realm of social media and I will succeed. I started today by visiting the Apple store and reinstating my personal training sessions so that I can learn the skill set needed to get going.

I appreciate you being you and accept any advice that you can give along the way. Looking forward to the next time I see you.

Healthy regards,

Nsuani Baffoe

Fitness Manager | Good Life Fitness