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Motivational Speaker | Fitness & Nutrition Coach | Freelance Writer

Are You Training The Most Important Muscle?

We’ve all heard the saying  Less is more, there are things however that more equals more.  Having faith is one of those things that having more of it will make you unstoppable! When it comes to building muscle you have to challenge it, repeat and refuel. The... read more

Fitlicious Foodie Snack Box

Rules Of My Box:

Balanced macronutrients to balance energy levels | Whole foods | Low in sugar and sodium | Soy Free | Selection of gluten free, raw and all natural options | High in protein

I want to inspire people...

to realize that they can push against their limits too, and achieve their goals.


Your results depend on how you fuel your body.


% of women at any given time trying to lose weight 40%

Personal Nutrition Planning

New Years is coming.

Nutrion tips, Suppliments, etc.

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Client feedback is what matters the most.


These are questions, that I regularly receive.

Your Portable Personal Trainer

Your Portable Personal Trainer is an interactive virtual training program designed to keep you accountable with personalized dynamic workouts and in depth tracking system.

Keep motivated, inspired and so much more.

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Chocolate Avocado Mousse

This sweet smooth chocolate treat is perfect to satisfy your sweet tooth and stay on-track with your clean eating regime! It’s also great for those who are dairy intolerant. Ingredients: 2 ripe avocados 1 frozen banana (cut into chunks) 3 tbsp cacao powder 1 tsp... read more

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