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Burpee Butt H.I.T.T GYMBOSS Workout

This H.I.I.T GYMBOSS Workout is going to tone and tighten your glutes and blast unwanted fat! Exercises Explained Weighted Burpee 1 – Stand upright holding dumbbells by your sides. 2 – Squat down, placing the dumbbells onto the floor. 3 – Jump your... read more

Nothing Is Free

According to the FDA regulations, food packagers can use the word ‘free’ as in ‘fat-free’ ‘sugar-free’ or ‘calorie-free’, even when that’s not the case! The amounts are small, but they’re there. The impact of misleading food labeling comes to bear when manufacturers... read more

I want to inspire people...

to realize that they can push against their limits too, and achieve their goals.


Your results depend on how you fuel your body.


% of women at any given time trying to lose weight 40%

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Your Portable Personal Trainer

Your Portable Personal Trainer is an interactive virtual training program designed to keep you accountable with personalized dynamic workouts and in depth tracking system. Keep motivated, inspired and so much more.
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Sweet Potato Brownies

INGREDIENTS Brownie Batter 1 ripe avocado 1 cup sweet potato puree* ½ cup unsweetened applesauce 4 Module dates softened into date paste 1 tsp pure vanilla extract 2 eggs ½ cup spelt flour 4 tbsp Chocolate Royal Fitlicious Flavour Blaster 1/4  tsp sea salt 1 tsp... read more

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